Store Cat Food vs Homemade

Watch this video about the diference between “Store Cat Food” and “Homemade Cat Food“. If you want to make a meal for your cats, please do research on which ingredients are okay to use. Also, make sure not to feed too much nor too often since it’s difficult to make a meal that are nutritious enough for cats.

Ingredients used:
*Please do research on which ingredients are okay and not okay to use, how much and how often to feed when you make one for your cats.

-Sea bream
-Chicken tender (or chicken breast)
-Yellow Fin Tuna
-Bonito Stock Soup
-Catnip powder

How to:
1. Boil all the meat and fish for about a minute or two until they’re cooked.
2. Put them in a cold water and cool them down.
3. Chop them into tiny pieces.
4. Put the paste in a round mold (or a cup if you don’t have a mold!)
5. Add bonito stock soup and sprinkle some catnip powder.

・Do not use fatty part of fish and/or chicken since it’ll have too many calories.
・Try giving a tiny piece of cooked fish or chicken to your cat to see if he/she will like it and won’t have problems digesting before making an actual meal.
・Again, please do research on your own.

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